Playstation 3 Repair- Do it Yourself

Hey all, my name is Brian. I am a big gamer and made this site to show everyone a guide I found when my PS3 problems got out of control. It started freezing up during Madden and wouldn’t take the disk at all. Sony told me they would do the Playstation 3 repair for $175 and it would take 4 weeks! What?! I think the have enough of my cash already. The dude at the game shop said at least $100 and 1 week. No thanks.

I found this guide that only cost $30, came in full color downloads and had a members area where they had videos showing you step by step how to fix every problem. This saved me over $140 and a month of lost gaming! So far I’ve used the guide twice now. Once to fix my PS3 problems and another time for PS3 troubleshooting for my buddy. I think its about time something like this was out there because if your like me, I want my cash for new games and food, not repairs.

CLICK HERE- If you want to do your Playstation 3 repair yourself and save over $100. Idiot Proof- CLICK HERE

 Playstation 3 Repair  Do it Yourself


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  1. Travis Grant says:

    Excellent guide. I just wish my gaming system would be reliable.

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